By aidan bass

Summer Internship Interview

On May 30, the sophomores and juniors of the Vessel Ops program took an interview for a CTE summer internship involving working on the water at the MAST center. This internship would involve working on the docks or underway on a boat. While were underway we will capture more experiences and learn more tools, helping us become more equipped for the future. We get paid $11 or more an hour, 25 hours a week, for 6 weeks. I plan on using the money to save for college tuition in 2 years. I look forward to this internship, learning new methods of functioning on the water, and exploring new waters.

Sophomores’ Trip on Privateer

0aaaahs1On Wednesday, March 29, the sophomore class of Vessel Ops went underway on the Privateer to check out a crane that was boarding containers onto a ship headed for the Caribbean. Three of us, Michael, Laura, and I were asked to go in Privateer’s wheelhouse. Michael steered the boat, Laura ran the telecom, and I controlled the engage and disengage buttons that controlled the power of the boat. It was a pretty simple procedure though I struggled with remembering to repeat Aaron’s commands. it helped me work under pressure because every movement u make is important on the Privateer. Once you engage a movement on the Privateer it’s hard to fix it before letting it play out. You need to think about what you’re doing before you do it. It made me be more cautious and think things through while underway. I found driving Privateer to be helpful lesson for further experiences underway.