By karen rubio

Sophomore Class Crane Operations: Practicing Our Communication Skills


As the weather gets warmer, the Vessel Operations CTE program is going underway more often. The Sophomore Class of Vessel Operations has been training and working on the cranes on Privateer. The importance in keeping communication consistent between crew members is very important in any boat we are underway in. However, the difference in what is communicated on Privateer is quite different from what is usually said on other boat such as Indy 7 amd Virginia. Privateer has an A-frame crane that is often used to lift big, heavy objects. If not handled properly, these large objects can become loosened, can swing around, and possibly damage property and even injure crew members and/or passengers. Communication and repeating commands is very important and many people have overlooked the importance of it. Communication should be reinforced at all times on the water, whether we are docking, picking up moorings, not just when we’re operating cranes.



Citywide Ferry Service

Last Monday, when we had no school, all the vessel ops students were invited to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Citywide Ferry Service. You might be wondering what Citywide Ferry Service is; it is a new ferry service that will provide a new mode of transportation for New Yorkers starting the Summer of 2017. The cost for riding the Ferry will be the same as a metro card swipe. It’ll open up our waterfront for anyone in the city, simultaneously raising awareness for the environment.

The New York Harbor School was invited to attend the ceremony. Students from the sophomore, junior, and senior years came to this important ceremony. Many Harbor alumni who are still involved in the waterfront attended as well. By this time next year, we will have harbor kids in internships on those ferries.