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Picking up a rudder at Staten Island


Today the senior class went on a trip to Staten Island to pick up a rudder with Privateer. The trip took us about 3 hours to complete, and we worked as a team. Using the crane on Privateer, the rudder was picked up by two hooks because of its sheer weight, and once it was aboard,  we took it back with us to Pier 101 (Governors Island).  The video above is showing how we attached the hooks of the crane onto the rudder, and how we lowered the massive object onto wooden placeholders on board.

Opening Up the Bow

This is  a short video of me supervising the bow of the one of Water Taxi’s boats while it is open for tourist so they can take pictures of and with the Statue of Liberty. Before you open up the doors for the bow you have to go out and make sure everything is stowed away properly and there would be no harm to the people. When that is checked you, take a look at the captain and give him a thumbs up and if he gives you a thumbs up as well then you are good to let the people out. While you are out there you have to keep an eye out for people standing on the railings and/or standing on the bits , if so ask them to get down and assure them that it is not safe to do that. While checking for safety hazards, you can help the passengers with pictures and any questions they might have until it is time to head back in. Once everybody is back inside, then take another look at the captain and signal that it is all clear for him to pick up the speed with another thumbs up.






History: This type of boat was designed as a coastguard buoy tender. Privateer is on a long term lease to the Harbor School by the Staten Island Ferry. It was restored by NY Harbor students, as you can see in the video below



Length: 47 feet

Beam: 16 feet 2 inches

Draft: 4 feet 8 inches

USCG Certification: Uncertified

Passenger Capacity: N/A

Engine Make/Model/Size: Detroit Diesel GM 671N

Year Built: 1966