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Work Based Learning Internship Time Sheet

After being onboarded as a Vessel Ops WBL intern, you’ll have to start filling out time sheets for the times you work. You might have some questions about some of the information you have to write on the form (i.e. if  the school or the harbor foundation is the host organization, if Aaron or Luis is your supervisor, etc.) This should help:

Internship Time Sheet Page 1

If you are interning for a different company as a WBL intern, the information above will not apply, BUT you will still be using this form. This paperwork is required for you to get credit, EVEN if the company you are working for has given you other documents to fill out.


The second page is more self-explanatory, simply asking us to write a couple sentences about our work each week. The perimeters of these journal entries are pretty easy to navigate. Once you get to senior year, you should be journaling about every time you go to your internship.

Internship Time Sheet Page 2

If you need blank time sheets, print them out from here:

Good Luck!

Maneuvering Privateer’s Crane

Our day started when we went underway to the South Street Seaport Museum from Governors Island. While underway, we received a notice from Captain Aaron to make sure we know all of the safety equipment and procedures we use while the crane is in operations. The safety equipment includes hard hats and gloves to keep our head and hands safe when handling any load from the crane. The procedure for the crane operations is to always stand clear of the crane. You must also insure the crane hooks and cable is always straightened and never loose. Failure to do so will result in the cables being unloosened and a need of a repair man.

As we came along side South Street Seaport’s vessel, the Wavertree and stood by for the instruction. When hauling the anchor out of the water we followed procedure. We ran into no difficulties and completed the task in under a hour. In our debrief our the day, we all agreed that even though we were presented with a messy or difficult task, we not only completed it but did it with everything we had.